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Each Southern Scholar will be matched with a College Coach who will provide them with 1-on-1 support. Scholars are assigned a coach upon acceptance into the program and their coach will be there to support them throughout their college experience.

All of our College Coaches will be highly trained current or recently graduated Master's or Doctorate level students, or early career education, youth development, or mental health professionals. Coaches will act as liaisons between scholars, Southern Scholars staff, and representatives of our scholars' colleges. Coaches'  primary goals will be to: 1. advocate for our scholars, 2. be their primary sources of direct support while in school, and 3. to ensure their collegiate and post-graduate success. To accomplish this mission, coaches and scholars will have daily informal check-ins via phone, email, Skype, or in person as needed or requested, weekly formal check-ins via Skype or in person, and mandatory monthly in-person meetups. ​


In addition to helping scholars attain academic success, coaches will also partner with scholars and help them to pinpoint goals, identify obstacles, and develop plans to support and encourage scholars personal development outside of the classroom.


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