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Southern Scholars’ innovative program is built on our Five Pillars of Scholar Success. Our 5-point model is designed to ensure that each of our Scholars receives the highly individualized level of attention they need to have an enjoyable, productive, and rewarding college experience, as well as the preparation and guidance to build successful and gratifying careers.

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Recognizing that access is a crucial first step toward success, we are committed to providing financial support and financial literacy to our Southern Scholars. Our goal is to not only aid them in receiving a college education but also help them develop the financial acumen to earn their college degrees in the most fiscally responsible way possible with little to no debt.

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Academic Coaching

Academic success is a core part of the Southern Scholars program and to that end,
we provide holistic guidance for our scholars in pursuit of their successful postsecondary degree completion.

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Career Readiness and Mentorship

We ensure that Scholars receive the preparation and guidance needed to build successful and gratifying careers. A hallmark of our career readiness preparation is mentorship. Scholars are paired with mentors who assist them in making informed career decisions, learning about the value of networking, and securing internships while in school and full- time positions after graduation.

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Pillar 4: Service

The Pillar of Service is intended to instill the value of giving back to the community as well as promote civic engagement and leadership development among Scholars. Dr. Doretha Pressey committed her life to generously helping those in need. “To whom much is given, much is required” was one of the tenets by which she lived her life, and her example inspired us to make service a core part of the program.

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Travel and Exploration

Because of limited resources and opportunities, many of our Scholars have never traveled outside of their home state. We are committed to changing this because we know that travel provides an immersive, firsthand experience of different environments, cultures, and perspectives that cannot be fully understood or appreciated through textbooks, classes,
or online resources alone. Each year, Scholars travel to a selected destination. Prior to their trip, Scholars are tasked with finding and selecting culturally relevant landmarks to visit and study. They will each provide at the conclusion of their trip a summary of their findings.

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