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Our founder and inspiration, Dr. Pressey believed strongly in the power and importance of networking and mentorship opportunities, particularly for people of color. For this reason, beginning in their sophomore year, scholars will be matched with a successful professional currently working in a field in which the scholar is interested.


Mentors will be expected to meet with scholars (either in person or via video conference) each month and will also be asked to allow scholars to shadow them for a day in the life experience at their places of business.

The objective of the scholar mentor relationship is to help scholars develop the skills they will need to successfully transition from college life to the world of work. Mentors will therefore help scholars learn to network, present themselves professionally, learn to be strategic and thoughtful about their career decisions, and land internships and/or job opportunities both while they are in college and after graduation.

All Southern Scholars alumni will be asked to commit to becoming a Mentor once they become established in their chosen careers.

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